The Labyrinth

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese collab nreality puzzle rated
Created 2011-03-06
Last Modified 2011-03-06
by 17 people.
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Description NReality

A NachoCheese [] / im_bad_at_n [] / HerefortheHolidays [] / Rdy-kun [] collab, somewhat overdue.

Have fun everyone! :D

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I am really busy right now with school. I may get it done on Sunday. Soz.


are you implementing the same light concept?
or something new?

I can do any color

and any size glow.

I can do some other effects, but they involve white colors. :\

It's submitted!

Just in time for my birthday, too! :D

I like the concept's execution, lol sounds lame, any way... its really fun and cool, 5/5

It´s hard for me


has a point
Which are also qualities most NReality maps seem to strive for.


this thumb is...huge. I'm afraid that was about it, though. gameplay really needs some refinement and far more open space.
and the objects and gameplay in general are far too awkward and unforgiving imo.
because they look ugly.

tag it puzzle.