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Author Life247
Tags action author:life247 drones featured lasers unrated
Created 2011-03-12
Last Modified 2011-03-12
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This map was featured on 2013-07-16

A map that will be ever stuck in the physics of 1.4, much like the Amish are stuck in the 17th century. "longitude" by Life247 AKA Aidiera presents a consistent and cognitive map that offers the challenge of deviously placed gold and and an equally devious laser drone. Can you navigate the blocky maze, pleasure the princess, and escape the 2D world before all hell breaks loose? — ska

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how enthralling

this is awesome. faved

looks hella fun

I see you got some 5 tiles in there

I look forward to playing it
and that laser can be lethal. Brilliant map!

This map has really cool stuffs. :3

I tried your way

but the laser timing just didn't work out for me :/
~1600 was as fast as I could find from 15 mins of trying


taken by a frame remm dogg ;)
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best route i can find, not sure if its the fastest way.
Demo Data

Pretty cool.


all golded

great map, after I played it a few times to understand it.
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This is good

the pacing feels a bit strange though