No Hesitation

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Author TheNCreator
Tags author:thencreator rated tnc zappity
Created 2011-03-13
Last Modified 2011-03-13
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I was playing maps and I wanted to do somethign with the Zappity tiles so I made this.

Dont call me out for saying adios. I feel like liar but I wanted to submit this.

There is a set path, if you arent up to speed the drones become a bitch.

Dont hesitate.
You'll die.

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About the results.

I've just got a message from our third judge saying he has the results. Later today, they will be posted again.

Results are in!

Results []

It's long

But good and funny. AGD
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Too long for me.

But fun.

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Super slow AGD.

Demo Data

slightly faster....this will win, and I made a submission haha
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agd fun as hell!
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Intended Route

you guys can prob do better, I didnt go for the gold, thats an extra
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