A falling star

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading hopeful rated sketchy ultimatereading
Created 2011-03-29
Last Modified 2011-03-29
by 7 people.
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Description Agd map go for the gold or the stardust.

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I liked the floorguard part. It's brilliant like a good puzzle.

Demo Data

Haha, thanks. <3

I don't think waiting for a feature will work.
What about you? :p

For a start.

Not bad, but enemies should be placed first before you start a DDA.
You have to use z-snapping or c-snapping for trapdoor propulsion. Place the switch 3/4s away from the trapdoor.

Here []
Same map below.

Here []
Using almost trap door propulsion.

Depending on where the ninja is falling, place the switch near the where the trap door activates. I'll give you some examples, as in maps where of how this propulsion works.


Demo Data