Golden Dawn

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading bloodymoonlike rated sketchy ultimatereading
Created 2011-02-07
Last Modified 2011-02-07
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description A collab between myself and the brilliant BloodyMoonLike I did the tiles and BML did the brilliant objects. Thank you for an amazing collab. Hope you enjoy.

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This is great

Tileset looks amazing and the objects match nicely. 5aved.


you submit the first map. ;)

sure :D

do it dude.

fool. :D
Blu3 Mo0n isn't as bad as i thought. i like it.
and zthing..? did you even ask him?


Blu3 Mo0n .. :/
i'm going to make a suggestion tomorrow.. can you wait 'til tomorrow?


okay. :)
i have no good name so far.. :/ i'll keep thinking about it..^^

you wanna submit them on your acc?
but not that much.. i had/have a few problems at home.. :/
that the reason for why i send you no message so far, also.


Lovely gold placement.

okay, thanks.

okay thanks. dont rush, im a little busy with homework and stuf, so it might take me a while to get back


Intense map! I see why this is rated 5. This is really good - I love the exit switch area - cool idea! 5aved from me!
Demo Data
Of course :)

still up for a collab?


map good collab

Pretty cool.

A bit messy, but enjoyable.
One of the best maps i've made so far. :D

good map. looks like a featured