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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy rated sketchy small
Created 2011-02-10
Last Modified 2011-02-10
by 13 people.
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Description I think that this and horns and thorns is part of an episode thoughts on this please :P oh and of course AGD.

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This [] is what I'm working on for the past week and a half. This shows that it is better to place enemies first.

i like simple maps


okay sweet, thanks



4/5 and sweet
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it's short and sw.. oh.

I enjoy this

It is as the title says it is :)

Pretty good.

A bit stuck on inspiration...

awww yeaa....
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everyone i agree it is slow but enjoyable right?

Agree with Sudz

pwetty cool.

Slow AGD

Way to make me feel inadequate, maximo.
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slow agd

can be much improved
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love this simple map


simple map nice

Pretty cool.

I like it.