32-4: That Loving Feeling

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise mentalitation unrated
Created 2011-08-01
Last Modified 2011-08-01
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All golded

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Fantastic map

Just the right difficulty, and some awesome mechanics. 5aved.
It needs improving.

...and a faster agd

Just because. This isn't actually so hard once you get used to it.
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ok, proper agd

That gold seriously isn't worth it. I'd have much preferred it if you could just grab it while you were in that section the first time. Otherwise this is pretty fun. Nice dronework.
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Me in this demo:

Huh, turns out getting an agd wasn't that hard aft-WAIT FUCK THERE'S MORE GOLD

Why would you do that
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OMG! 5/5

yay fourth!!!

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My bad, my copy mistake.

Collab thingy:
It should be something like this.
30-0 is slightly broken because there is no dollar sign at the beginning.
Our collab seems to be not involved. I can't find "feat. Chrdrenkmann" somewhere.

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