Furniture Storm

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Author Lightning55
Tags 200th author:lightning55 dda featured lightning rated twilly unplayable
Created 2011-08-21
Last Modified 2011-08-21
by 59 people.
Map Data

Description 200th map. I have been retired for a while, but after much provoking, I decided to finish it up. It's not as good as it can be, and I'm not much of a mapper to begin with so here is the product of many years of work.

I'm not a fan of mass dedications, but I will dedicate this to:
ChrisE - for making my trip to Europe a blast
Maxson - because his numerous nicks led me to believe he was every new person on IRC
candy - the love of my life
romaniac - because this guy is a genius, helpful, and suffered through earthquakes
meta_ing - because of one quote about a certain tile eating block
Aidiera - because this guy doesn't ever get off the computer
Riobe - his birthday present has still not been topped yet
flaggers - this guy went through college troubles with me, and he's a boss
Guiseppi - I miss you man
Mahi_mahi - I miss you too
snuggletummy - crazy, but cool. Helped me with my horrible life through bad advice
RadiumFalcon - that bounce block in the top right is ENTIRELY due to you
Seneschal - that first one-way is for you
Leaff - You stopped talking to me. I'm sad now.
Daikenkai/DDRave/Daik - Going to be my real world friend soon!
Viil - This guy used to be emopanda, can't get better than that
Squibbles - made me less shameful of myself


Kaitlin, who rejected me before I even asked her out.

Thanks for all of your support these last couple of years. You helped me make it through high school, and I love how this is a community I can rely on for horrible jokes, poisonous advice, and mafia. Definitely mafia.

This map was featured on 2012-12-05

This DDA, by Lightning55, deserves recognition. The first thing you'll notice, even before you play this map, is the sheer amount of rockets. Indeed, at many points during this map, the ninja is almost lost in a rocket sea, to the point you lose sight of it completely. However, almost miraculously, the ninja dodges every one of them. Some may say the map is repetitive, but in that the skill of Lightning55 shines through, in keeping the ninja alive for that long amidst the constant peril. That quality, I think, makes this map great. — NachoCheese

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I love this.


I come back and watch this dda frame-by-frame. It amazes me that /I/ did this. Hell, the ninja supposedly hits rockets sometimes, but the ninja hitbox doesn't hit the rocket and passes straight through them. Then, there are the closecalls with 3-5 rockets in a single frame.

Sure, I'm no clifty, but I'm glad I could create something of high caliber, even if my methods to do it were simple. Thanks again for the support and the feature everyone!
Also, this DDA is crazy.
"in order to survive a battle with a bee swarm, GO RIGHT THROUGH IT!". once again, incredible map. congrats on feature!

I like this

if only for the reason that it de-stigmatizes launchpads and gold delay, both of which are perfectly viable forms with no reason whatsoever for the hate they get.


I went into an


no effing way

This map took quite a while. I'd say around 40-50 some hours, but mainly because I'm not very good at making DDAs. I was also really pissed when I would start going somewhere, mess up, and start having to delete things to reroute the ninja. I'd still say this DDA is prematurely finished because I'd hoped to use more of the left side of the map (especially the bottom), but it was too difficult to route the ninja back to the left after routing him left and right once.

I did try super hard to not have the rockets clump, but form a barrier and the ninja could squeeze through, and you can definitely see where those regions are. I would kill clumps with trapdoors as soon as they were near the ninja because your focus while watching is on the ninja and the rockets in his/her proximity.

FYI, rockets are placed randomly, and the tileset is to make sure every rocket has vision of the ninja from the get-go so that they would fire as I have placed them to. And yes, that means for the first few hundred frames or so, I knew which rockets were going to fire. After that, it was take it and go.


i love the top middle part where the ninja slowly falls off the trap door. brilliant. wonder how much time it took.
released this map. I fell in love instantly. Gratz on the feature man.

what makes this amazing to me is how the rockets never bunch up, but instead are all over the ninja's path.


Utterly amazing
loved how you lost track of the ninja at times


5/5! I LOVE the beginning were the ninja is almost trapped in a crowd of rockets! And + that is a VERY VERY VERY brave ninja!




real world friend indeed


really? Sorry :P


every time i come back to this map i love to read the comments. Lightning i lov u breh!

twillz you always leave so abruptly like

doctoring must be tough or something
"It really means a ton to me, coming from a newer member of the community. Maybe it's a bit different to you people, but ratings don't matter as much to me. I don't disable ratings due to laziness. Mapping and playing wise, I was always that "good but not quite the best." I never held a consistent theme or idea. Many of my best ideas were poorly executed." - Lightning55

"that's just my style" - Me/Adell []

Oh man.

I can't believe you forgot about me.


do yo mean where did "I" die?

now that i can see thumbnails, the ned one was glitched with an enter, example, there is an enter before the level data in the NED text doc


i was the first person to rate this map, & i gave it a 5, even tho i couldnot play this map i do occaionally rate maps that are 200th's or ded's. & i never rate a map below 3 unless it's one of those maps that everyone hates

& to see this map with a 4 average doesnt seem right to how great this map is & to how great lightning is, even tho i never had a conversation with him i remember some people saing how great he was a few months ago
It could have been done better, but as I said, really don't want to put it off any longer. If I did, then it would never be posted.

Where did u die?
I just didn't find it interesting enough to be considered one of the best. For all the amazing close calls, it's a very repetitive dda.

lol retired a while 1 year and 2 months for me that is a lifetime, now i understand when i have not seen or heard of u before, It is true what u said about DF...

artsy but shy and retiring and
gloomp, it's only because #cinema is dead. And I wanted to write about you, but I really couldn't think of anything other than "gloomp - that artsy kid that also makes brilliant maps, I like reading his work" and it sounded really lame.


Amazing. Congrats and 5aved.

You didn't happen to ever make a map called "Disco's dead" or something similar?



Greta job with this. 5aved!