The Phantom Menace (finale)

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day column conclusive featured rated the
Created 2011-09-29
Last Modified 2011-09-29
by 41 people.
Map Data

Description This is a preview to a project of mine that has been in the works for far too long. Expect it soon.

This map was featured on 2012-08-07

I still have no idea how the hell lord_day got this map to work. Fuckin' miracles. Anyways, The Phantom Menace (finale) is a show of expertise of both the player, and the mapper. Swiftly dodging the lasers while trying to beat the drone to the finish, you'll find yourself head over heels if you try to take this without thinking your moves through. The amount of thought that must have gone into this map is astounding, and the fact that it worked so nicely is truly amazing in its own way. — Sunset

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... the real question is(in all seriousness), do you want me to change the way i give out ratings? or did you just want me to know where you stand regarding ratings?...


...your right feedback is great and necessary...and idk ive been playing this game since 2006 early 07, so im oldschool as for ratings though , they dont really count for anything that i can forsee...people like having good ratings for maps that they have put time into...i personally dont care if my maps get rated at i give 5's out like i do because some people care what ratings they get and i really do only play the maps i feel deserve a good rating...


...let me explain this to you...its not a ratings style its a feed back style...if i play the map and comment on it it deserves a 5/5 in my book(other wise i wouldnt waste my time playing and making demos)...but the YINYANG feedback style is because people keep asking me to say something more than "AGD" its always good to say the things you liked so people feel good i guess...
...get it?...or are u opposed to my giving 5/5's to all the maps i feel are good enough to play?...

Thank you :D!

So all this nonsense about the conclusive column being what it sounds like.

How the fuck does this work..

Its not even nreality..


How does this even work!? 5/5

lord_day, mate, you need to explain the fuck out of the tags. I forgot about this.

Well uh

I just featured this map because I thought it was cool and all.
lord_day is overrated etc
I'm glad somebody finally did it. Awesome concept, great execution.

I liked this

I hope he's not leaving
the drone Is kind of a party pooper. but still pretty fucking amazing, although impossible for 95% of the NUMA community
I jizzed
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But I think the map would be better if there were some vertical sections to mix things up a little.

Uh, scratch that.

Site's back up, Arachnid came back and fixed the faults.

oh btw

i noticed the tags
... tell me, why does your hair get less curly every time I see you??

mediocre demo
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Make an account for NARC. []
Now they're just pointy.

Disliking popular maps makes you edgy.

brilliant concept

mediocre game=play

oh my god

that is the most genius concept i've seen in a long long time

Haven't seen anything like this. I am, of course, new, but that has no bearing on this map's quality, therefore I will rate this map as a nearly flawless one.

lord day

how are you so stylish

please tell me so i can be kind of stylish too


Nice map

Demo Data
I haven't gotten a solid demo yet, but when I do, you'll be blown away. I think the lazers are a nice touch. Is this NReality?

L_D makes map

world ends
You used a few tricks that I hadn't even thought of.


I like it; challenging, but fun to figure out. The concept is, of course, awesome, too.
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(Both the map and the tags.)

Solid bug-eyes from flag on this one. Shit.
AGD. Shamelessly stole NachoCheese's strategy.
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Demo Data


This took waaaaaaaaay too long to get.

BTW, I think I broke something. :P
Demo Data

Not a fan.

Clever laser use, but the drone takes the difficulty to a hellish level. This could be improved still.