Surfin' with the Shah

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy playable rated
Created 2012-04-22
Last Modified 2012-04-22
by 6 people.
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Description This map does not appear in the upcoming Sept/Yahoozy mappack.

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My First Attempt

At an AGD.
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Demo Data

okay, here we go

real speedrun

looks like kamapolice still has me beat but i'm satisfied
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i like the contrast here between speed and gold; the former is mostly pretty fluid and quick, whereas the latter is very precise and slow
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screwed up at the floorguard second try. that's a bit of a harsh chokepoint, don't you think.
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but i only got this far and it just wouldn't be the same if i tried again
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i agree it was frustrating at points but when I finished i was relieved :)
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and I end up punching my wall out of frustration.
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