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Author ]{NO3
Tags author:]{no3 featured n-art nart non-playable nonplayable rated
Created 2012-04-24
Last Modified 2012-04-24
by 45 people.
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Description Greetings Bitches!

This map was featured on 2014-03-22

It is a motif so delicately and yet forcefully elaborated that I psychologically fall into its world. It both simulates me and calms me. Really a remarkable n-art. I don't think everyone should run out and try to map in the same manner. But it is a picture I'm happy to live with its printed canvas at my dinning room table.

I don't think the job of art is just to be pretty or happy, though sometimes it is so. — zoasBE

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This looks amazing

in the thumbnail, but blown-up to full size it's not as good. Still amazing, though! I love all of your N- art, 5/5 and 5aved


That's exceptional/

oh hey

eye see what you did there..

haha A_P


an n-art dominating the hot maps page for multiple days?

numa is officially back!



I do miss these.



NIce one

There's nothing else to say other than five.

Breetings Gitches!

I like how it isn't z snapped, it shows how much skill it takes to make a realistic eye under the limitations of pixels.


eye catching.



still doesn't understand the origins of N-Art.

lots of old

users which i havent seen or spoken to in agess! :D Karmap0lice and ENT
i get hiiiiiiigh

i get hi i i iiii iiigh


That's exactly what I was thinking about.



Another day where nobody else is gonna get rces lol.

nice eye :O



You mofo

GOOD SHIT!!! welcome back

same bitch!!!

Not only you deserve a Dronie for the most impressive and artful use of Ned interface, you deserve also a mention, a correct and powerful words in any good book on art or culture of indie games.
You have always made these things extremely well!
My most sincere congratulaciones for your artwork and career here.

first: wb
second: great
third: again 3 days on top

I always feel like

somebody's watching meeee! And I ain't got no privacy! Wo-o-oah!


It's impressive to do this without Z-snapping.


5. Basically what thereisaspoon said. This is cool.

Holy hot dog!

That is all.

its so crazy how much it changes from full view to the thumb