Old Wednesday, New Callsign

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris dense gauss mines multi-exit thwump unrated
Created 2012-05-31
Last Modified 2012-05-31
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Description Looks like another scorcher. What do you think, Ted?
"I see angels."
Haha, Ted. What a cut up. What do you think of this heatwave over the last few days, Teddy-boy? You and the wife hop into that pool yet?
"I... see angels. Jesus... is on His way."
Ted. Are you alright? We're still on the air. We--we're live.
"I'll write to you, Johnny. I'll write to you, and K-99.7, and the whole listening audience. When I get there. When I get to heaven."
Ted. Let us in. We can help. You're still in the studio. We're here--your friends, we're all here. We can get your through this.
"Bye Johnny. I've loved working with you. I'm going, now. Going to heaven."

Bye, Ted. It's been a pleasure.


"Submit your demos and comments, yo!"

I know, Ted... I know...

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A non-AGD,

especially of the sneaky variety, is very simple. I actually encouraged those "cheats".


I do believe I cheated. Wasn't going to happen any other way.
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man this is hard. hard with a capital h, a, r, and d.
Then you put those fucking thwumps in that place. What the fuck, man.
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