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Author Losttortuga
Tags action author:losttortuga featured playable rated
Created 2012-06-09
Last Modified 2012-06-09
by 15 people.
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This map was featured on 2013-12-31

I was laying in my bed one day when I got the idea to lay down sideways and play this very map. Do you know what happened? I couldn't move my left arm because I was sitting on it. It was a huge waste of time. I pulled myself up and threw my laptop onto my desk with about 4,000 frames in the demo box. Sideways [] wasn't the catalyst for me to create a new medium to play N in, but, regardless, it is a unique venture snaking through tunnels, jumping ledges, and otherwise not playing sideways. — Sunset

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A bit too long for what content it has.
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His tiles used to be the best ever. They're still good but all his maps have kind of gone blobby recently.


good feature.

really good

the world needs more losttortuga maps


Funny review :P

Great review Sunset, I loved it! The plot twist was incredible and the resolution left me wishing things hadn't ended.
They been knockin me


Yes, I like this game. Thanks for remembering me. :D

Great map.

I love how it transitions between periods of patience and high-intensity. Really well designed.

faster agd

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Fantastic map, best I've played in a while. Faved.
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new route!
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great map

loved the design.


cool layout = 5aved; I just really like the routes and jumps you've made the player take.
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cannot play this again for a while haha ;_; fuck
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One of your best jumpers. 5aved.

Loved it.