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Author kyozo_43
Tags author:kyozo_43 golfkid me please talk to unrated
Created 2012-06-16
Last Modified 2012-06-16
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Description When you need him?
Shit map ... yeah, yeah. I know.

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nah he did do that

I just forgot, he reminded me again on irc recently (I'm super hopeless sorry haha) I'd been struggling with one of the three (trying to make kinda unique designs, and just couldn't come up with anything for ages for one of the three) But I finally worked one out last night, I just need to add text and turn them into image files. Paradox has done pretty well with reminding me and stuff, so blame me haha. I'll try and remember to get em done tonight when i get on the laptop. Hopefully they're worth the wait! haha. They are a bit outside the usual userbar style but hopefully you + the others like em


It's a lot harder without fbf/uc. :{
Highscorewise. Speedrun's pretty easy.
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