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Author Seneschal
Tags author:seneschal cthulhu penumbra rlyeh subaqua treasurehunt unrated
Created 2012-06-27
Last Modified 2012-06-27
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Map Data

Description eight guardians safeguard my halls; those who lust for glory must seek their vanquishment, or forever rot in ignominy

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I find Led Zeppelin to be the single most overrated band in the history of the world. I hate them. XD

my local library doesn't have this and i'm very interested in the problem of susan


so my next question is did you read it in the compilation of sherlock fanfiction by famous authors, which is probably this

if my memory serves me

have you ever read gaiman's lovecraft + sherlock holmes short story? something tells me you would enjoy that
from the halls of the elder god
the biggest flaw of this map is the exit switch... its absence.
nice map. the tiles are awesome, and i like how you used every type of enemy in a good way (so far. i will play the top part to see if everything's so cool)
Demo Data
before a hero of old defeated one in combat

now only seven remain

Pretty tiles

and pretty hard gameplay. Maybe you should have left it as mere mine-jumper. I would have had more motivation to search for the exit switch (damn, I couldn't find it). 3.5^/5


You mean 7 guardians + a shit load of mines? xD

cool idea, to use one of each enemy.