0065. This Map It's A Dedication

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover unrated
Created 2012-07-22
Last Modified 2012-07-22
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Description For those who are constantly competing and playing at least once on these maps..

EddyMataGallos - Raif - Arctic_Pony - Meta - 1211 - Harveyy - miststalker06 - rozer
thereisaspoon - erikcu - kyozo_43 - paradox-dragon - vankusss - lfaber - RandomDigits
remm - drikam - swipenet - 29403 - Pai_Mei - suds - rose - apse - ENT - firetamer2 - golfkid ...

If I forgot someone, sorry. This means that you do not do much for me to notice.

Thank you.

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and improved my previous slow AGD run with something somewhat better and decent,
but still quite behind the champions.
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I used Raif's route but just edited the ending ;) Sub-100 is probably possible, but Im not sure.
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Slightly different route.
Quite a bit improvable.
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I feel like theres a frame left. Fun map, and thanks for the ded, again =D
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Slower AGD

This was my original AGD without that tricky jump. I can't do it.
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Cool Mohammed!!!

That jump is really tricky and challenging! Bravo and Thanks!


I quite liked this level. Your recent levels have been a bit more unique compared to other mini levels I have played previously.
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a frame faster
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