54-4: Smashing The Opponent

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-09-21
Last Modified 2012-09-21
by 6 people.
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Description Twenty-Fifth Bean,
Dedicated to Pizzles!!!, so friendly!!! ;)

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i don't know what you were thinking with the rocket though-it felt akward
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This map is devious. Love it.
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Fun map :D I liked the cheat ;)
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fuck you

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Non-Cheated AGD. Much Slower.
I really like have this kind of cheats on the maps, since some are challenging to get. But I also like to play in a normal way, although not worth it.
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a cool cheat ;)
I like to leave some wiggle room in this column to that sort of thing ..

agd: not sure if you intended this route to be possible.
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