54-1: Herbert The Pervert

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap
Created 2012-09-18
Last Modified 2012-09-18
by 19 people.
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Description Twenty-Second Bean,
A Tiny Hungry Ninja Adventure.

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Hola amigo!

bro, I'm sorry if I was too harsh. I was just frustrated because I have asked you so many times.

And I have no control over wafflesoup. Wafflesoup is all Leo's idea.

Thank you for understanding.

Hi, what's up?

Wanna collab?



Broken link. Reminds me of this map [].
Yay self plug!


These tiles remind me a lot of .
Speaking of look-alikes (what?), would you want to do a collab some time? I'm interested to see what you could do to a bunch of tiles that I come up with ^^

If you want to, I use the forums for collabs. Just keep that in mind.
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I will use the name u gave it. Now, let´s waiting for the right moment to upload.

me like :3

Sick Run Eddy!!!

How you are so good?


Bean collected. Didn't see any demos first, although the path was clear. Very fun map zoas :D
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how ive missed these. this one feels metanetish

agree with da_guru

Hey zoas.

thanks my guru!

I fully understand what you mean, and I really appreciate it!
About the seeker and that lonely bean (piece of gold) I would say that is the project or the whole idea of ​​this column, the Bean, you should have seen some previous maps of this column. And the seeker works completely when you go for speed. Just play and see what I say. Thanks my friend!!!

Xerces said it

but then again this is no 5/5. The map felt a bit strange with this lonesome piece of gold and that zap drone - both misplaced, imo. You should also have used the tiles more (which were cool, gave the map some lukesv-ish vibes)instead of placing one-ways. Please take that as constructive criticism. Three.

ah yeah

now I'm anxious to hear you out :D I'm really happy working on this too


AMLT, you can explain a bit better?

Faster AGD

Using Xerces's path. Even faster it's possible, but now challenging..
Demo Data
haha, :D Cool Xerces thanks! That was just the intended route!, slightly faster than mine, since you use the most top bounce and your fall it's a bit faster a think.. Thanks glad you liked it! And thanks 1211, cool improved speed, just waiting for Eddy.. :P
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There we go!

Demo Data


I can go a bit faster.
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...AGD(eddy is going to come along and show you all how this can be improved)...

...YIN-a good cave feel to it,it was simple and fun,and the rocket and gauss were placed in deadly areas:P...

...YANG-there wasnt much to this map - difficult/technical jumps or intense moments...

...either way its a good map to HS 5/5...
Demo Data


...well this is the route i would have taken for my speed run...yours is obviously faster :P...

...i tried to get faster than your SR but i couldnt...
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yay! It was fun to make tiles for the mappack, really :D hope you like these

got it

I'll make them right away :D and also add the map I told about. It's a jumper too :D


i love the title :D


i read your comment on my map, thanks, i understand the gameplay wasnt all that good, ill playtest my next maps more often now.


This is my path for the speedrun. ;)
haha, really glad that you liked it! Thanks! All gold is not that challenging at all, and the title map it's from an Infected Mushroom's song. Thanks again!
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fun map

i just did a spped run, im not sure i have the skill to do an AGD. nice name by the way:)
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