NReality, Dronies, and other stuff.

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Author NachoCheese
Tags author:nachocheese concept nreality rated
Created 2012-12-11
Last Modified 2012-12-11
by 7 people.
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Description //NReality//

Based on this map. []

I'll try keep this short as I don't have much time to type this.
Well, on the NReality note, this map is NReality. Kind of got the idea from The Blocks Cometh, and I always wanted to make a map like this. There is a definitive end at the present moment, but I'm sure with some refinement it could become infinte. Also, I didn't increase the blocks speed as this weird shaking thing happens when you stand atop them.

Dronies. Yay. I am the NReality category. I love you all. For the 2012 Dronies, I only want the Nacho Arcade to be put up for nomination, and I would be insanely happy if you guys did. You might even get stuff. Who knows.

And other stuff: I realise my mapping has been very slow this whole year, but I plan to become a map making machine this holidays.

That's pretty much it. There are probably spelling errors in the description due to time pressure. This map is more a concept than anything, so share your thoughts. And as always, have fun everyone! ^.^

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Forgot to jump haha, func oncept :D
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Very neat concept. Congrats on the Dronies noms! :D
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but it would be something like that. Ninja can move through the greedy drone, so you could modify the greedy drone that it would move with the player (like, drone on the ninja... literally). If the player decides to stop collecting gold, the drone would gradually "steal" his time reserve (this would happen pretty fast, though, hence the need to move and collect the gold quickly).

You could even make it a prisoner somehow... I don't know, it's all up to you! Just a quirky idea I came up with :P
have a greedy drone that "controls" you all the time and steals your time pretty fast, and have some gold scattered over the map and you have to get it quickly because otherwise you'll die because of no gold. maybe even a kind of a prisoner.


I´ll addd this to favorites. This is my demo in this map. Is this full of invisble greedy drones?
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Well if there is a greedy drone always on the player.. Then it makes it a nice feature.


Nothing special, not very new to be honest.

Unpredictable much. Just focus on jumping what you see.
If you cant see anything, jump to the left.
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playing this using the nReality userlevel thing would break it seeing as this being a survival map the goal would be to technically have the demo with the lowest time remaining, but then I saw you were considerate enough to have an invisible greedy drone there. <3

My favourite part about this map was when you first play it and it's this fear of the unknown and what's going to happen next that is really something quite awesome and makes those close-calls that much more awesome. Especially that part where you try to make that jump to the high bounceblock but there's one blocking you and then you end up falling surprisingly onto that one coming up on the side.

Overall pretty awesome map for a proof-of-concept.
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