Destination Anywhere

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 experimental hard lange one-ways playable unrated
Created 2012-12-27
Last Modified 2012-12-27
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description A little experimental map I made while messing around with one-ways.

It is possible to finish, just quite difficult. I couldn't piece together a single demo, so good luck trying it out for yourself.

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wow unicorndrone

and meanapple are pretty active...or something


Didnt meant to psot that here.

Everybody had, or maybe Poland had.. Wouldn't be the first time when somethnig FB was broken only for us.

I'm gonna sure Facebook because my freind went offline now, then I'll buy nmaps and rate all my maps to 5/5. :C


still seems impossible.

gold might be just for the looks.

Demo finally

But no idea how AGD should work
Demo Data

death demo

Demo Data

its possible but Im to bored to make a demo


I get it. With "cheats". ._.

surprised it took me a while lol.

with 1 trapdoor? What.. D:


are you sure?

I cannot see how to beat this.