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Author 1211
Tags action apse author:1211 bestof1211 collab featured playable rated
Created 2013-01-04
Last Modified 2013-03-30
by 22 people.
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Description This is a collab with apse. It has been sitting in my pastebin profile for a while, so I decided to finish it up and sub it. Enjoy!

This map was featured on 2014-02-06

“How much was stolen?”
“Everything. Absolutely everything.”
“Christ. Security footage?”
“Still being analyzed, but access logs show a very short timeframe - less than a minute.”
“Wow. Must’ve been at least 5 guys.”
“Well, think about it. You’d need one to take the elevator and activate the bridges; another to cross the bridges and hack the doors; and, if they were really good, maybe only 3 guys to run around looting the place, dodging the sniper drones. The tracking on those things was never perfect.”
“Sir! The footage shows it was a one-man job!”
“It was a ninja.” — Nexx

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I was so confused.
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sup trance


well written review

here's an agd
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also Mohit has a point,
it seems that the group of guys who got featured maps lately is reduced more and more.

wow Nexx,

high class review again!
I like your creativity and ingenuity at the time of writing. Your reviews are cool!


this might be my new favorite map!
Great structure and flow.

Pretty darn good AGD:
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sick map

good stuff.

Aight here goes.

Tiles - Tiles look great. they are not spectacular and there are a few awkward looking parts put all the parts play well and seem to connect and work together really well. The little weird thing in the bottom right corner bothered me a little but I'm weird like that. (4.3)

Gold - Gold was well done. Nicely spread out and strategically placed. There were a few single pieces I think you could have done without and a clump might have looked nice somewhere in the upper left quadrant. (4.2)

Mines (aesthetic) - There wasn't anything super special about how the mines looked but they were well balanced and there weren't any mine clumps that hurt to look at. (4)

Mines (enemy) - The mines were very effective. They were definitely hard to avoid in places and added a lot to game play. (4.5)

Enemies - Well done with the enemies. I really like the thwump. It didn't do much but what it did do was fantastic. The two guass were very well placed (the upper one more than the bottom one imo). The drones looked like they were not thought out at first but once I played I could tell that they were well timed. (5)

Other objects - Wonderfull and creative use of trapdoors and oneways. I loved them except for the one vertical one at the bottom, it stood out too much. (4.9)

Initial Impression (based on aesthetics and first try) - Looks cool. Kind of a mixture of temple and spaceship. (4.5)

Overall gameplay - Flowed well but still had a good amount of excitement. Again well done. (5)



Ok trance, you asked me for this map.
I don't really know if I am using the most optimal route because I never watch any run when I play a map and I try to highscore it too myself, but I really enjoy using this route.
Although the map is really decent, and has some really nice parts and elements in it, like the drone paths, gauss' choice as enemies, the thwump wink, and the ability to take multiple paths and they all have a certain flow, which certainly I appreciate, but I honestly think that you both are great mapmakers, both of you with such amazing style and ideas, and I feel this one a bit average or nothing impressive, or just I think you both together could have done something far more impressive. But again, it's a decent map and I enjoyed a lot with it, I also like the mix of relaxed and technical aspects at once.

I'm favouriting this to return to it someday, because I know that although I have the fastest run in NReality, much faster is possible, wizard2 is still ahead with a quite different, and since I have not seen his run or route (I like to research myself) I want to try this again soon for a route change or maybe beating those drones, also may be trying the Speedrun. Nice trance and apse!

Demo in NReality. 105.625
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Second Try AGD.
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5aved. It's cool seeing the obvious influences by both mappers here. AGD.
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My last class of the week is this evening.


At work, I take it?

then I dunno.

you rock anyways with your patience to make DDAs :P

well, uh

I think you should release that DDA as your 400th. it would be cool and all.

super cool.


very good


haha sorry buddy

i completely forgot about this - i've been so busy with other things. love how you finished it off though, it's a great map!
we should try again some time, and next time i'll do my best to get it through to the final product :D


Bloody good map mate, fun well constructed and a good challenge. 5

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agd great flow
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that little pause there by that switch was cos i was texting
pretty much every object is placed to perfection
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You should stop doing this of delisting a map to postpone the publication of your 400th. It's not really an interesting idea after all. We're just wasting your maps. You had done it at least two times for this unpublished yet 400 map, And from what I can remember, there was once a time in where you delisted a lot of them at once. This isn't funny, my friend, at least for a person who like your maps like me. I can remember some of them that they are not listed anymore, like The guy who loves Vodka and some others. I would guess that you have more than 30 delisted maps, and again, that's not funny to a fan like me.
I suggest you reconsider the possibility of re-listing all of them your after 400th submission. Please, a fan and a friend.
I like every part of it, especially the trapdoors helping you make it through. Take a 5.