Bats in a Cave

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Author StreetsAhead
Tags author:streetsahead race unrated
Created 2013-01-20
Last Modified 2013-01-20
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Description Well, I haven't submitted a race in a while since I was moving, but now I am in the temporary house! Yay! With 6 gigs of internet! No!

Anyway, enjoy the race. You have to be pretty fast in this one to survive. So post comments, demos and rate! Have fun!

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Nice smooth race

Was a rather fun run! :)


Thanks :D I have a few people joining the contest i made, but it'd be nice if more people came. If you tell some of your numa friends that'd be nice. But that probably would annoy people XD
BTW, did i tell you i became a reviewer? My two sample reviews i sent to aidiera were great he said. lol my review is on the home page today, hard to miss
XY - For my next race, I'm thinking of themes and styles beforehand so it might be better or worse.

123Leonidas321 - Thanks! I don't know how to, but if I find out I will probably vote for you to.

Nitrile - Nice alternate route find. The bottom right drone is a pretty close call if you go fast enough, like XYs or my demo.

cool race

but the bottom right drone was pretty useless and unreliable. great flow, wish it was longer.

heres an alternate route that doesn't get all the gold
Demo Data


unless i think of someone else, u will probably be my 3rd fave author for 2012 dronies nominations. first suds, then mrgy, then u probably. I love races, and u are the best race maker


The gold and the tileset looked a little messy, but the flow was smooth and the close calls were pretty good. :]

I've read on your profile that you normally start with the tiles for the flow and then add aesthetics (, which I have often done, too, in my earlier races). Maybe you should try to start with a certain aesthetic style in mind and then focus on aesthetics and flow at the same time.
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Was a pretty sloppy run and only just survived at the bottom right.
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