06-4: Firma de Zoas

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Author elhombredelsombrero
Tags author:elhombredelsombrero conectado unrated
Created 2013-02-10
Last Modified 2013-02-10
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obviously, saved. ;)
they are strange in a bad way (sometimes)
but also good ones



I'm a fake?

i never said it's wrong ^^
just that i don't like that 75% of your maps are like that, also because some of your tilesets are good.

and you are probably a fake too


was mini and fun:


but whats wrong with that?

cant have all my maps be the same can I?

not them all, some of them are good, but ones like this are just mini-challenges, if you know what i mean


has been a rather silly episode though that is true :)


Some of my maps are harder than others...

This one is a really easy mine jumper. But a two on all of my maps? That's harsh. I think I have a few good ones :)

you're lucky at no activating ratings or i'd vote 2 on all your maps.
i mean what is this, just a challenge. btw your giga-map looks cool