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Author 123leonidas321
Tags action agd author:123leonidas321 eddymatagallos rated speedrun
Created 2013-02-16
Last Modified 2013-02-18
by 7 people.
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Description 97!!! My 100 map is still creeping closer and closer...

This is a dedication to EddyMataGallos, who is the current grandmaster of N. I can't imagine all the hard work needed to get all those 0ths! This is an agd/sr map. Have fun, eddy!

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cool you help me so much :D
Everyone know Nphasis for astonishingly executed maps. JELLIES is an outstanding map. This map offers beautiful tiles
and unforgetable gameplay. The drone placement is amazingly and can rarely be found on any other map. Only one gauss and a few
mines combined with amazing one-way placement build up a very challenging AGD route. Though the speedrun is easy and fast to
complete, nobody wants not to try and beat the AGD route.


lets go
Are you afraid?
You sure are.
Everyone is afraid of him.
He is unseen to everyone.
He knows everyone.
This cat, this grinning cat.
Fear his maw.
You will never escape his maw.

This map has some of the best tiles I have ever seen, combined with great gameplay elements. Plus, it is a challenge for everyone who dares to enter his maw.

5 from me

beating eddy is as hard as shooting at a target 1 mile away with a bow and arrow, using only your legs (no hands allowed).
Demo Data

I know fbf is hard to master, I myself suck at it :P

Yeah he is, fbf, but yeah.

I think miststalker

is a great runner aswell
It allows me to submit virtually everything I make while also having some sort of quality control to separate what I'm particularly proud of from the rest.

Hola amigo!

Todo esta conectado! []



rant rant rant rant rant...
anyway... leo I made this but I don't want to use it.

If you want to use it feel free. :)


as Xerces said, it's obvious to recognize a fbf demo.
all the details mentioned, plus some other, as the wall jumping speed or the first initial jump on a wall, or even while remaining in places or land, such as a map in which the first move that you should do is a jump in the initial position, you can see that is fbf, because the ninja does not stay for more than a single frame on the floor and then jump. Or even other small things you can appreciate over time, especially related to perfection and speed of execution of the movements.

And about the fbf'ers, I'm a bit at odds with the Xerces' rage that appears to show respect to it, to me miststalker is an awesome runner, he just chooses his way of playing with the game, and is completely valid, you really know how hard it is to make a perfect fbf run for over 1000 frames? It is practically impossible, almost harder to play normaly, and is completely respectable, and admirable, he is a genius at that. And as to indicate whether or not fbf, everyone already knows that misty's run are fbf, as rozer and some others. So.. viva misty's fbfs!

Although sometimes annoying, they beat a good personal score that you've gotten playing normally for over half an hour with a fbf run :P, but you know, this is N, and if you do not want that to happen, learn to play as Eddy. I'm out.

Sub-100 Speedrun

Demo Data


Thanks a lot for the ded! Very fun map, and the concept is very cool. Thanks for your kind words as well Xerces :P
Demo Data


...usually its very obvious when someone is making a demo FBF. you can tell when they are chimnying up a tunnel wayy to fast. or just some amazing corner jumps that seem totally impossible. There are some people who apparently have no skill or ambition to get better at this game(Miststalker)and only post FBF demos. But to each his own i could really care less i just think its wrong not to say in your comment that the demo was FBF...