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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine rated
Created 2013-03-28
Last Modified 2013-03-28
by 9 people.
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Description sorry, went afk for ~2 years...but hey, here is a new map for you guys!

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This is cool!

I like the relaxed centre after making it through the outer gauntlet.


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AGD, terrible

But this map is very fun even with the rocket lag. Middle part was rather bland. Outer part was my kind of stuff.
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you could have

made sure that the rockets you meet first were closer to the end of the code. that way they go first instead of being delayed.



It's great to see one of my favorite mappers return :D



This is really fun!
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demo where only about half of rockets fire, but i sort of liked the tension of it
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faved for structure.

welcome back mate


I went AFK for two years too!

I did


frenchtoast faved this ;)


Pretty fun map, I like the surroundings and the middle part mechanics, looks great
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Pheidi is right, although I kind of enjoyed the lag because I could get a head start. Middle part was a nice relaxer.
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Welcome back!

This map looks cool, I'll check it out later ;)


Good to see you back in the swing of things. The rocket lag is pretty bad here, though. In my demo, some don't even fire. Maybe gauss (situated in the middle instead of the ends) would have been more appropriate? Or maybe just fewer rockets.
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