These Streets Are Paved With Vanity

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Author nevershine
Tags author:nevershine open symmetry unrated
Created 2011-05-04
Last Modified 2011-05-04
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Description Cool, open map I made rather quickly to keep in touch with N a little.

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Man I wish I'd seen you maps back when you were active, really great. Super impressed with your use of lasers in particular, so often frustrating when used by others but I've been really enjoying them here and in others of your maps.
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Demo Data

Hey there.

Just wondering how the retile's going. I hope you finish it soon.
Here are the objects:

It's a minimal object set, so have fun with the tiles. No covering objects, but halfway in a tile is fine.
Would you like to be a part of it?


Fantastic thwump-corridors. :D
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I like those stylish corridors and the intense action center. However the last jump with the mines make me stress a lot...
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seriously messed up the end, but nice map, like it! :]
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