Beacon Fire

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine fractal rated
Created 2011-04-24
Last Modified 2011-04-24
by 13 people.
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Description fractal entry no 2! centrical symmetry again.

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Better than the two above it by a longshot.

i wish i could create maps like yours. anywho, WORK ON THE COLLAB :D
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Bacon Fry

very , very good map...I give you 5...
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great enemy placement

This should place. It was smooth and enjoyable.
...although I do happen to have another (working) demo, so I guess you got lucky this time ;)
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I'm so supporting that feature for shorty!

seems like I managed to break your demo again, sorry man ^_^

I also edited that right drone's position a little bit, but the thumbnail doesn't seem to be bothered.

Nicely done.


The symmetry in this is great; I like how the bottom is slightly different because of the floorguard and how the seeker paths make the top and bottom play differently.

Faster demo.
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thank you!

agd, regardless

otherwise this is fine.
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I think

the flow of the map would be smoother if you didn't have to go left at the beginning, i.e. by swapping a couple of the switch placements around, so that the top left switch unlocked a door on the right rather than one at the bottom.
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perfect enemy placement (although beginning was kinda avg)