Beach Beats

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Author nevershine
Tags action author:nevershine rated waterside
Created 2011-03-23
Last Modified 2011-03-23
by 17 people.
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Description this place seems like a perfect hideout from Beach Beasts and tourists!

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You're ailve!!


dos más

. . .


Fantastic. <3
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but it's not a single, it's an album track.

It's very difficult to produce a map that's both tense and easy-medium difficulty. Usually they're super difficult a la MTI, but you've really hit the nail here.
First go AGD. I agree the tiles are fantastic.
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it looks like it will be great, and the ratings support that, but it doesn't capture me. :P
But there is no hook to it or anything that draws you in to something interesting.

very refined.

nice map. worthy of the accolades it is receiving.



...tiles are amazing!

I liked it a lot. Gauss + laser is a good combo, and this map was just fun to play overall.
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Outside gauss needs to die D:<
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The gauss + laser combo is very frustrating, but otherwise this is good.
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not bad

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