Fury of the Alligator

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Author BionicCryonic
Tags alligator author:bioniccryonic collab fury unrated zoasbe
Created 2013-04-06
Last Modified 2013-04-06
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description collab with ZoasBE. it went ZoasBE > Bio > NUMA

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very cool

I like the one-ways, they were clever.

I can't believe

I got the same frame count as 1211. :o
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using flag's beginning!
Demo Data

beginning can be done quicker like so and possibly even quicker in one jump all the way across
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well this was an odd map
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Loved how you used the idea! Faved!
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I never understood those trapdoor glitches.

Pretty fun map overall.
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