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Author _destiny^-
Tags author:_destiny^- destiny refinery tileset unplayable unrated
Created 2013-04-20
Last Modified 2013-04-20
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Description Just a tileset

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Haha thats not quite the point. Even though I find it amusing when I beat his fbf'ed runs, the actual reason I always mention "Beat misty's fbf" is to note everybody that his run was fbf'ed, so just in case someone didn't know it, he now does.

Because you know, thats the reason I unsuccessfully persuaded him to always mention it, because I've seen loads of people through the thousands of maps I play who didn't know that his runs where fbf'ed, and were living in mislead! So since we can't convice him to mention it, I will always mention it everytime I see a run of his, even if Im not making a run of mine.

part 2

actually, my 150th was made way before my new "good" maps. lol i didnt think anyone would notice, guess I was wrong
I never thought of it that way, now I see that is probably the main thing that I'm missing

I like your tilesets


i got pretty far on my second run, farther than my first time, then i died a little towards the end. was near the exit too

Both collinear and curvaceous. Pretty attractive. May use soon?

its beautiful,

i really like the tops of the chimneys with the 2 tiles