Crimson Corrosion

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit unrated
Created 2013-07-19
Last Modified 2013-07-19
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Description Enjoy! Bonus level included inside ^_^

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and you can use mines. mines dont count as enemies. But be sparing dont go crazy with mines


Here is your map:

You can move the ninja but not the exit.
No gold
1 enemy total
Only work inside your rectangle. Dont change the existing tiles. add any tiles you want.

good luck

Hello Tempus

I am making another minimaps. This one will be different. There are fewer people and the path is more complex. Can you do one of the maps? If so, let me know.

This one's better.

For the most part the enemy combination is fun to dodge rather than being overbearing. My only real complaint is that the laser can really be a nuisance in the bad sense when you're getting out of the exit switch area. 3.5-ish
i had fun mapping with you

sweet, thanks

ill upload the map eventually, i still have 2 other maps i was gonna submit first. also cant wait for your 200th!


here it is:

nice edits

here's me edit. if you want to add anything else feel free, otherwise if you want to submit it you can.


you can submit the map when it's done


here are some tiles:
feel free to edit them or tell me if you dont like them.


would you be interested in doing a collab?
sometimes they got a bit annoying by blocking the path and making you have to wait, but mostly i had near death experiences as you can see in this demo. fun map, the tiles were really nice to move on.
Demo Data

the laser is pretty antispeedrunish

pro sr route fail.
Demo Data

Cuz I'm feeling...

sluggish []...

Ridiculously slow AGD, I really failed the laser-wrangling. There is, though, an intense occurrence of standing --- check it out.
Demo Data