The Walrus Hunt

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Author anco
Tags author:anco featured perplex puzzle rated
Created 2013-08-08
Last Modified 2013-08-08
by 6 people.
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Description Entry #2 to perplex, this time in the style of a (moderately challenging) floorguard puzzle. Pretty happy with how it turned out :)

This map was featured on 2014-01-17

The hunt had gone horribly wrong. The walruses had appeared from nowhere, monstrous and agile, their skin a sickly green, their baying echoing eerily. One had knocked him down, its tongue lashing crazily at his legs. He had run, frenzied, across the blood-stained ice, into nearby glacial tunnels. The walruses were electrified now; he heard their crackles and hums down every corner. They chased him, gliding swiftly along the ground, but they didn’t follow him around corners. They were guarding the exit. There was no way out!

With a jerk, he awoke in his bed on the Arctic freighter, panting. — Nexx

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Thanks a lot man!

Means a lot to get featured :D

after seeing other demos I totally did the map wrong haha. whatever :D

Sub-2000 AGD

Great difficulty, good looks and the gauss were a welcome change. 5/5
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I got lost once I passed that drone after the double bb jump it took me a few frames to gather myself together to finish the map haha
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Here you go:

(I think Wizard2 circumvented that lower floorguard in the top area)
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Here's what it's named after:
Didn't really like the visual style, but everything else was great.

nice map
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