Deathtrap 3

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Author player_03
Tags action author:player_03 easy playable thwump unrated
Created 2013-09-24
Last Modified 2013-09-24
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Description I was playing a five-year old map of mine, and I thought, "this could have been designed better." So I threw together this one. It's easier than the original, but also hopefully a little more interesting.


Oh, and just to head off the inevitable: I'm not "back." This was just a one-time map.

Even though that previous statement is entirely true and correct, and I am Definitely Not(tm) back, if, hypothetically speaking only, I was back, I'd be focusing on making easier maps. Just saying.

Easy levels don't get the same glory as hard ones, but the first (read: easiest) levels are the ones that determine players' first impressions of a game, so in fact easy levels are the most important. And because I'm making games of my own, it always helps to practice making easy maps.

Still, I'm not "back." Not even for practice. Really. Your suspicions to the contrary are absurd.

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And yeah, go ahead and use the idea.
fun map, the thwumps work pretty great :)
Demo Data


I kinda love this layout, mind with I play with something similar? I'll have a play now