Funnel cloud

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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 jumper medium playable rated tile-jumper
Created 2014-02-13
Last Modified 2014-02-13
by 5 people.
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Description Credit where partial credit is due. []

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Hey, I think I may come back.
But does it count as cheating if I intentionally allowed both of them? And if I balanced them so that neither would be too hard?


but very awesome design
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Thoroughly enjoyed.
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absolute blast 5/5
jusst looking at the thumbnail for a second, without even clicking on the link. I saw the style of macro's map days ago and I recognized it. I must confess that this is downright captivating, and the style of this tiles is awesome and I love it. Great challenge too. It is a round map. 5/5 for its challenge, and its cleanliness and sobriety.

It is very interesting that you are mapping again at this rate, or at least enthusiastic and presenting maps. Your maps have always been a superb drop, both normal ones as NReality. Them are always great challenges with all the letters, real challenges, smart, and of course, with a high percentage of innovation or conceptuality, which today is really interesting and needed. I am delighted that you are on stage again, you has great imagination and solid personality creating hard maps, and this I like. I strongly encourage you to follow as well. Well done!

This is really neat. :)



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sub-800 speedrun

is definitely possible...
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fun map

nice work
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