Particle Accelerator

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Author DemonzLunchBreak
Tags action author:demonzlunchbreak chaingun playable rated rockets
Created 2014-02-19
Last Modified 2014-02-19
by 5 people.
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Description Here's one to tide you guys over, since Brett and I are taking a little more time with the pack.

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Starting from the top left, the single "E" tile is 6 columns across, and rows down. Make it a half tile, and your map should qualify, as half tiles are allowed! ;)

And thanks for complimenting my demo. I spent a fair while getting a clean run.

Oh again

that was a nice run, too, ska. Only one bullet-dodging moment haha.
it consists of several flat surfaces.

Anyway, nice old-school feel. Good!


and I had no idea this even qualified, ska.


I know what you mean, Mohit. I wanted it to have a "stealth" feel, but it ended up being a little too repetitive.
I don't like it


here is an agd. it's quick.
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Hey demonz

was this an entry for oblique? If so, you should tag it.


is enough
Demo Data


The enemy placement is good, trust me

there's some really bad enemy placement in this, but the tiles/layout was nice
Demo Data