Withering Heights

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags a author:guitar_hero_matt hopefully map that unrated works
Created 2014-05-02
Last Modified 2014-05-02
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Description Made this on N 2.0 and converted to 1.4 when I realized the website doesn't accept 2.0 data. -_-

Also the N 2.0 editor is weird. :o

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Well hello there

Pretty fun. 4.5^
feel wanted.
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first try demo.

I like the thwump mechanic!
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holy shit

I was looking at hotmaps a few hours ago and for some reason I didn't realize you were on it!


I've been lurking for ages, just keeping up with who's been coming and going, and I thought I'd download N again and do some more things.


hey there! it's been some time :D
Because I can't remember how to make maps.
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