Their Sound

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets procrastinate unrated
Created 2014-05-22
Last Modified 2014-05-22
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Description Very quick map, haven't made one in a fair while. Don't get to use a computer that has the right keys to make maps with often. Hope you enjoy it!

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i like doing this
Demo Data
chimney part is pretty hard though

shit demo

good map
Demo Data

As they say

there's no accounting for skill levels :P


Demo Data

hahaha, really

I toned that part down in difficult two stages in playtesting haha.


not a difficult map he says. Okay, it's actually pretty cool, but I can only get out of that first chimney about 1 in 20 tries, which brings it down a bit. Cool mechanic, though. I'll have to try again a bit later.

not a difficult map

but quite fun, I think
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