cat chasing a bird

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Author SnakeekanS
Tags author:snakeekans nv2.0 playable rated
Created 2014-10-12
Last Modified 2014-10-12
by 5 people.
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Description Made in NV2.0 name inspired by James_s

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Well there is the- using new/different ideas in a clever way VS using variations of ideas you like.

Often its nicer to choose the latter and Thunder was saying before that he prefers those kind of challenge maps

damn fun

I think it's great as is, but throwing in some mines and more gauss would make it spicier.

So simple

So good


ty for info


at NUMA or in Nv1.4 the author with the most number of maps is PALEMOON with over 1.8k maps published and several other mappacks in forums adding and increasing the counter, followed by AMomentLikeThis with more than 1.6k maps, Sunset with 1.1k, and then cucumber_boy with a few more maps than the huge fringe of 1k maps. I even made about more than 1.3k maps if you add and count every map on my several project accounts and mappacks, similar to Sunset that his figure increase if you add and count every of his accounts and packs.

On the other hand, all the above mentioned mapmakers certainly made 'maps' which I think is a turning point to consider. I mean, is super easy to make 3.7k maps as you did, considering that them are not super elaborated or even them could not be considered real maps, sincerely, you have great ones and also super interesting ones, but the huge amount of them are the same basic over and over again, you even have the same super simple and uninspired map by 7 or 8 different times only changing the enemy, or your early maps in where you repeated boringly the same bounce-block concept just changing the measures or the environment, or your STORM maps, sorry, but I really think that getting that figure is super easy that way and while there are interesting material also there are the same basic and really undeveloped map over and over for hundreds of times.
For example, Fujita_Seiko, has also a huge map counter, but I consider his efforts and his carreer is much an achievement because he made real 'maps', really different than you and your mapping, and he was able to innovate, create such amazing and interesting concepts, and delight us with a huge amount of maps exploring and exploiting the new Nv2.0 engine and its new glitches and mechanics. Kudos for him, he is a real 'mapmaker'!
If you look properly, you would notice how the maps of the mentioned mapmakers or even of almost every 1.4's mapmakers are real 'maps', elaborated and well-developed, you could like them more or less, but them are real 'maps'. Sorry bro, I want you to improve and switch from your pretty, pretty basic style to a more elaborated and interesting one. I think you have the skills and the basis for it, just try it! ;)
[/url] after my link to zoasBe
I don't know who has made the most maps on NUMA. I'd suggest []. But has made a LOT maps even outside of NUMA.

(I don't really know, these are just some guys I know)

I do

love this, simple. 5.

here's the best run i could manage

i feel like taking the best parts from this and golfkid's run would yield 860-ish
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I'm not mohit

But how about a golfkid speedrun?
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who on numa has made the most number of maps?

because I am known on Nv2.0 because I have made about 3700 maps on nv2
Maybe more snipers, but unnecessary cuz its fun enough to just jump around. I can't wait to see Mohit Ghune's imminent speedrun
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