The Mountain Crumbles

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper rated
Created 2015-01-03
Last Modified 2015-01-03
by 11 people.
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Description Jumper. Playtested by DW40. Also keep your eyes peeled for Aidiera's remix, he's going to make this, and I quote, "way cool".

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eeeeeghh nice tiles :) wish i could do jumpers... :P

<lifdoff> sunset: still in a collab mood?

i had to do some stuff, but yes, i still am!

awesome tiles

I'll try to play it later :p


you have awesome map design and i love your maps. I just wish I was skilled enough at N to play them through.
Keep up the good work!


fairly optimal... good jumper.
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first attempt
Demo Data

Nice jumper

Pleasantly surprised.

My best agd
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Demo Data