Race leading to your DEATH!!!

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Author Armaghan_Ali
Tags author:armaghan_ali chimney fuck race rated
Created 2015-02-07
Last Modified 2015-02-07
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description A race map i created after i saw jirka's map.
i hope the "PLAYERS" have fun playing it :D

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Fun map!

Didn't feel that flowy, but it was fun to speedrun.
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the one-ways are a little unreliable
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Very fun map. I agree with RandomDigits.
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AGD -1

I'm honored that you made this map after seeing my map :D

Thanks for playing my map, but for your comment I can't add or remove any objects from my map. I made it for contest metamorph. It's a contest where you choose your set of objects from some metanet level (You can't add/delete/move any) and make new tiles to make a map with objects being given.
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I think my score can be massively improved. There's some kind of "staircase" areas that are a bit awkward, I think opening some of them up slightly with a 1 tile on the corner would improve the flow.
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