39-4 Fleeting Fox

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Author Vanquish
Tags 39-4 4 author:vanquish freedon rated series
Created 2015-02-10
Last Modified 2015-02-11
by 6 people.
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Well, the fourth column of Freedom is finally done. This felt like 2 columns considering it's split in the middle due to changing accounts. But, nevertheless, it is over, and I can get started on the next column.
On that point, I do have some pretty big plans for the 40's column, so look forward to that, I guess.

-Whoever can find the z-snapped mine will win a yummy pie!
-Also a quick guessing game. Lets see who knows which author was a major influence for this map (It's pretty obvious). Whoever can do that will also win a yummy pie!

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I do actually check numa every few days, I'm just completely burnt out on N for now. I haven't left, just on a sort of... semi-permanent hiatus :)

Correct the23!

It was SkyRay.
My brutal N skillz when drunk :D
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the fourth collumn!



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