Bury the Hammer

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 beat bestof1211 featured happening minejumper rated
Created 2015-02-11
Last Modified 2015-05-16
by 18 people.
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Description 600th map! WOOOO! Playtested by Ardee, lifdoff and golfkid.

This map was featured on 2016-02-28

Minejumpers are a tricky thing to get right. Often, when playing one, it feels like you've done it all before – many of the jumps feel uninspired and repetitive.

Enter “Bury the Hammer”, counter-example par excellence. While it boasts few to no elements that have never been done before, its composition is fresh and innovative, at the same time striking that perfect balance between challenging and yet never being unfair or frustrating. Add to that a visually striking tileset that rounds off things aesthetically, and you've got one of my favourite maps from 2015.

Here's to another 600, buddy!


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I saw this on nv2

love this
It's for me one of the best minejumper. 5/5
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Hey dude, I am just kind of nostalgic and visiting this site alot recently. Just want to make clear that I haven't forgotten you. Our KRADDA is still amazing to watch. I can't promise it, but maybe I will play this game again this summer.
5aved this map <3

I can take recs!

And I would absolutely recommend the Generational's album Heza. It's perfect from start to finish, in my opinion.

Also, check out Frank Ocean's channel ORANGE if you're into more of the R&B style. If not, James Bay is more indy-ish, folk music.


The fact that you like Gnarls is good enough for me


Hey, 1211 <3

Utah! I mean, yeah!

Ocean Tzars collab map soon! oF couRsE'nn!
I'll send to you something in a bit, and I hope this end actually and not as other attempts we tried...

Great jumper

Congrats dude! 600 woo


I don't want to call this a speedrun, I used a way without cheat. Too bad I was 400 frames slower :D
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congrats and all... but it's cheatable :v
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Woohoo, congrats!

Hell of a map, hell of a milestone. You're amazing, trance.


nice map!

Congratz dude!!

600 maps is a major achievement!
Fun map. It feels so stylish and different to any other minejumper I've played before.


fun map
don't you love me anymore

great map

well paced difficulty and an enticing atmosphere.


Fun map!

Great atmosphere. And congratulations! :D


Thanks to all who enjoyed playing my maps! Means a lot to me! :3
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