Cure for Cynicism

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff floorguards fun rockets thwumps unrated
Created 2015-02-12
Last Modified 2015-02-12
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Action map that is the result of a long trial-and-error process of getting a good rocket/thwump combo. Playtested by trance.

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So maybe that was a hiccup or sidke fixed something, but in any case, they're working now.
The map you were playing is this one [], but this other one [] is by far my best image map, IMO, though it's a puzzle.


Everything is still correct for that map. I tried loading someone else's image map and, sure enough, it seems NReality itself is where the problem is. :/ Probably best to report it to Unreality. I'll send him a PM on the forums.

jirka, it's on.

Not today though. I'm tired. Tomorrow.
I posted slow/average agd with time about 173s on and then you submitted about 174s run, and I got better agd with 176s left and you got about 0,7s better time.

So I challenge you, can you beat this demo in map The Socialist? map:234904
Demo Data

I agree with macro

but I can't agd

Very good!

The thwump mechanism is executed really well here and makes for fun challenging gameplay. I'd have removed the floorguards, especially the one in the small room in the left, but that's pretty much my only complaint. I enjoyed this a lot as a whole! :)

Sub-2000 AGD:
Demo Data

enjoyed it. here's a run
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