All Africa

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy plyable rated
Created 2015-02-12
Last Modified 2015-02-12
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Jump Out
Bounce Back!

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i like RD's suggestion. disagree that doing laps is bad, and it's right on point as far as yahoozy's mechanics/aesthetics of the last couple years go.

reminds me of a map riobe would put in one of his map-packs too.

i liked it a lot.
if you'd change the 3rd-from-bottom level oneways' direction to left and make a bit more space between them, 'cause it's cheatable (you can reach the key without making one more lap).
maybe even have a mine behind the launchpad required, so that the markers don't disappear after the first lap through a section. i think it a necessary evil to make the map a little more forgiving.


personally i'd move the gold so that rather than hanging in the air, it'd be clustered around the correct launchpad you need to get into the cubbyholes.

that's just a side thing though; this is pretty cool.
Lovely idea, but very frustrating in execution. 3/5.

I love the concept

I wonder if upward diagonal launchpads would make it less frustrating?
I find it annoying jumping from the left side, because it's too easy to just get bounced into mine.

@Dagga: I didn't say this because it was troublesome to highscore. What I mean is that it's boring and unnecessary to force the player to do the same stuff again and again. If I counted correctly you need to complete 5 laps in order to reach the exit. The launchpad concept has so much more potential, I just didn't like the way it was used here. Sorry.
tough. If they moved over like two spaces it would be much easier to land in the cubbyholes. But interesting idea.

i disagree. good concept, well executed. you have to change the way you play a little bit to play this, and it is not in the favor of "classic" speedrunners. i really like this map.

Good concept

poorly executed. :/