Wrong Posture

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable rated
Created 2015-02-23
Last Modified 2015-02-23
by 7 people.
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Description 712

This map was featured on 2018-04-12

Do you know who doesn’t get enough features? Yahoozy.

In all seriousness, the Crown Prince of Guacamole is like Radiohead: frequently expressing creative whims with total disregard for the mainstream opinion while simultaneously being insanely popular and critically acclaimed with his compositions. “Wrong Posture” does so much with so little. Everything in its right place, to be sure. — ska

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Cool map

Noticed that I play this game with a wrong posture when I see the title.
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and you can see yahoozy's descent into mental illness,

sexy map

And a great review.
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So I demoted you. :(
You can try again later on.


nothing wrong with a map like this, imo :)
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just wondering if you'd thought any more about your map for blur 5?


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thought this was a jumper from thumbnail. Instead it was actually fun :D
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