07-4: Shaken and Swirled

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff countdown unrated
Created 2015-08-14
Last Modified 2015-08-14
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Three guesses as to who inspired this one.

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Your maps are just making me realize how fucking much I suck, and it's kinda depressing. Couldn't get the top right switch, and I doubt I could make it to the exit.

What I played was outstanding, though. It flowed beautifully, but kept you on your toes at all times. Love the structure, too. 4.5 up.

This isn't me saying you need to tone your maps down, btw. You manage the difficulty perfectly — you never present the player with unfair challenges, you just keep the pressure up all the time. Kudos for that.

I playtested this.

And I loved it. agd.
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Just had to say it

A bit Metanet-ish

but more modern and more awesome. ^_^