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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags action author:fingersonthefrets doors drone greenps sunset unrated
Created 2015-08-21
Last Modified 2015-08-22
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Description First map in a long while!

Took ideas off Sunset's recent map.

Didn't get to playtest as much as I'd have liked, but it's 3:30 and I'm tirrrrred.

Take it slow with that last drone, it's more efficient at blocking that jump than I expected it would be.

Hope you're all well!

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I'm gonna keep the doors - I've never actually had that problem in that spot, so might be to do with how you're jumping.
Still I would have liked to fix it if possible, but the doors are somewhat necessary as they keep the first drone from following the wall round to the end section of the map.
I tried out a few other versions of keeping the drone contained but don't like them as much.
The trapdoors I placed were there to try and counteract that from the drones you're most likely to release in the second chamber (though it's still not enough if you speedrun it, I don't mind too much if the last chamber becomes harder for the speedrun).
I moved the mine though, so if that jump does happen it should be a bit more forgiving!

Thanks a bunch for playing it through! Great demo, that top right drone dodge is pretty sick. And appreciate the advice on the doors, kind of frustrates me I can't make it work smoother haha, but hopefully the moved mine should make it work at least a little better!
Man I sound really serious in this comment for some reason hahaha...


Phew! Took longer than expected. I love this to death; the way you move drones from section to section is simply brilliant. I would encourage you to remove the four doors right at the beginning (where I died in the previous demo); the drones seem to function fine without them, and the majority of my deaths were on that one mine. Still, that hardly detracts from such an otherwise splendid map.
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Yay I love it when you make maps! Fantastic so far, but this demo represents about 60% of my runs... :P
I'll get a real demo in a sec.
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i like the map, can't get a good demo, but i like it a lot from what i've played

sunsets map:

Death demo

you get the idea though. Time for zzzzz
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