Excommunication Relation

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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags action author:fingersonthefrets break race rated
Created 2014-07-04
Last Modified 2014-07-05
by 5 people.
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Description Progress [] (though I forgot I was doing this through the middle part of making the map haha)

Hope you enjoy this one, it's a little messy and strange, but I like it a fair bit.

EDIT: fixed the big unintentional cheat. My demos probably won't work now, but you should still get the idea

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sorry for the delayed response. this map is tricky, but i think i might have laid some good structure down
go ahead and send me something to start with
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they play like an epic arcade platformer too.

let's collaborate
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Great tiles as always. I like how the atmosphere changes. That first drone tripped me up until I saw your demo

(tweaked my

edit again pretty happy now, see how fast you can get up past rocket.. btw blockgates taken out cause that bit is on the highscore route anyway)


and i had to tweak some tiles after removing the gate switch in top left


I was a bit outsmarted then, if only u gave a hint to race the drone. The other route using that gap above the rocket is fun too (and ur drone is timed perfectly for dropping through it -ninja has to watch its head) -So could resist to try to include it: (top blockgate switch is yours, bottom makes platform above middle mine to get out past rocket faster) Nice runs btw(!)
is a bit strange, it's supposed to be a faux-cheat path. The intended path is the race to beat the drone, play the rest of the map, return for the gold in the top left then head to the exit)
yeah, you gotta be quick with that drone. It's a drone race at first, then it turns into a normal action map. AGD attached:
Demo Data
too much of a trick surely, for a normal n game map
that I think is bad tbh. (I would like drone squeeze more)
compared to thumbnail). reg. my first comment, yea I was doing the first bit the slow way at first
the ceiling in the top right corner or something otherwise that's really hard to squeeze past the drone at the end of the map :s

wait a minute (!)

I got agd but then see the top drone just blocks the path to the exit. (I haven't watched ur demos) Help/fix pls
(the middle narrow bit) properly -after which now I love everything on this map
unintended. Will try and fix it up

and speed

(the intended 'cheat' way, again, don't watch if you want to work it out yourself).

A faster AGD may be possible this way, I'm not sure though.
Demo Data


(though might be slightly + enjoyably puzzly if you don't watch this first)
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