Phantasma Machinae

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper minejumper unrated
Created 2015-08-22
Last Modified 2015-08-22
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Map Data

Description Here's a minejumper/jumper hybrid. Playtested this for quite a while, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Thanks to golf for help with playtesting.


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Wonderful, thank you!

Heya, any progress on the mass collab?


I'm hoping to make this one a bit more cohesive than normal, so you can see what you're working with. You can go ahead with room four; put the exit wherever, and feel free to make any changes to the bordering rooms to make sure they flow together smoothly. No doors or oneways between rooms, please; we want to keep all the routes open. Whoever takes room five will get to make any changes they deem necessary to your room, as well.

No real rules — be courteous to your neighbors, and use common sense! Thank you, sir.

collab []

Hey hey, also — I'm putting together a mass collab, you wanna design a section?

Smart changes.
Got rid of two doors that were pissing me off. :p
You wanna submit our lovely map []?

Love it!

love it love it.
I diversified the threats a bit and switched out the doors. I know it doesn't look as classy, but it plays sooo much more smoothly. I think it's sexy as hell, just about there. Like it?
??? []

Hokey dokey

Is this too drastic a redesign? I'm happy to rewind and give those tiles a shot, too. Just having a bit of trouble reconciling the halves in my mind.
mip []

Sure thing

Moved you back to Sundays and took... Wednesdays or somesuch. Looks like a nice even spread now.
Always up for a collab! You wanna get something started?


No worries!
If you'd like Sundays, please feel free to take 'em — I just chose a random day of the week. I'll go snag some other dates so I don't throw off yer whole feng shui :P


Question on reviews — I thought I was supposed to be featuring something today? Have I got the wrong queue []?

Top Quality

map. Love it. Great fun

Top Quality

map. Love it. Great fun


I had no idea that that would be so hard for so many people, I can get it pretty consistantly.

Anyway, have a decent AGD.
Demo Data

9/10 times that is

map is 10/10 it's ok
i can't get it 9/10

Hehe! My bad. Here's a more respectable run; messed up every other jump in the map, quite literally, but it's about a third as long. And I even fell to the beginning again!

You should make a map based on falling. I really enjoyed the drops in this one.
Demo Data
But that's why I put it at the start.

You know, so that people don't wind up with 11000-frame demos. :P

Cool run though. Dat drop after getting all the switches, nice. Shame you fell down to the start again. :P


So, uh... that first jump is REALLY, REALLY hard for me. Don't feel obliged to watch my demo :P

Enjoyed the map. Nothing new, but wonderfully constructed, and it had a couple nice jumps.
Demo Data