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Author fingersonthefrets
Tags author:fingersonthefrets rated reclaimedtowers tilesfirst
Created 2015-09-06
Last Modified 2015-09-06
by 7 people.
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Description Started with tiles, which I tend not to do. Struggled with gameplay like I do when I start with tiles haha.

Still, it's not bad.

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Didn't get any PMs.

Maybe send it again?

Thank you sir.

You're the best. *high five*

Hey fingersonthefrets, remember u made a comment on my first numa map :) Here's the remake if u wanna see (more as an offering/giving something back rather than showing off ..u know)
Please PM me your comments and a top five when you can. <3

Hello chap.

Would you be able to judge the NUMACon Traverse maps? It would be a biiig help. :)


for all the comments everyone! :)

And hahaha wow jirka. Yeah it's not me, happy to be deemed worthy enough to plagiarise from though haha

Very nice map.

The tileset looks amazing. 5/5

jirka: The name of the guy who has copied the map is cris56700. He has been known as a map plagiarist.
see here:
If not somebody just copied your map into Nv2 without giving you credit.
Very well designed map. Love the atmosphere.
I loved your usage of the launchpad at the beginning, really fresh. Your maps tends to have this dreamy, airy quality -- a sort of a vast landscape -- glad we have a mapper like you still in our midst.
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Decent AGD.

This is really well designed, and the beginning is super cool.

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that was fun
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that aside

wonderful map, i really like it

swapped the mine

to a one way, should make the launchpad be more forgiving and allow an easier path up if you don't get the launchpad right
i rarely get it right without hitting that mine


didn't playtest as fully as I normally do (kind of lost the map making bug halfway through making it so wanted to submit, so let me know if there's any little tweaks you think would make it play better and I'll test em out
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